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Become a Member of Sailing Singles

General membership is open to all single persons and those persons who are separated and not living with their spouses and have expressed an interest in sailing and boating.  You do not have to own a boat or have any sailing or boating experience to become a member.  An Associate Member is a member who becomes married or recommences cohabitation with his/her spouse.

  • Annual dues for new members are $120.00.  Renewal dues are $85.00 if paid by January 31st and $120.00 through June 30th.
  • Between July 1st and August 31st dues are $75.00.
  • Between September 1st through December 31st dues are $35.00.
  • Renewal dues are waived for captains who have sailed a minimum of six (6) day sails (or day sail equivalents) during the prior year.
  • Dues are paid when you submit your membership application.

How to Join:

Go to Application for Membership  to begin the online process.

You will be prompted to review and accept the SSSF Terms & Conditions and SSSF Waiver.  SSSF Membership is activated when the application is complete,  dues are paid, and the T&Cs and Waiver are accepted.

To apply in person, come to a Thursday meeting, fill out an application,  and sign the waiver.


If you are invited to sail with one of our captains, it is your job to be courteous, be safe and be fun!  We treat our captains and their boats with  great respect and care.

How is club membership different than membership? 

If you signed up to be part of our MeetUp group, we encourage you to attend a Thursday meeting and join the actual club. Meetup is a way for us to help more sailing singles in South Florida to find us. 

For more information email:

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